How does it work
How does it work

Copywriting Guide

Write copy that sticks

Every brand needs engaging content for their audience. Without good copy, your brand is mute. Writing good content can be an extremely daunting task. So we did some research and found a great framework that you can use to write all your copy. It is called the story brand framework and it's easy to use.

How does it work

The character

The story begins where the customer is invited into a heroic story. The customer should be portrayed as the hero of the story, not the brand. The entire message should be centered around the hero of the story. The hero needs to recognize themselves very early in their story by their profession, collective name and by their want, desire and ambition. Create a gap between the hero and what they want to survive and thrive. This creates the question “will they get what they need?” and invites the reader’s (hero’s) curiosity stick around and find out.

Building a brand without a professional logo can be incredibly frustrating. It can feel like you're stuck because your brand depends on your logo in many ways. Nothing should hold you back from reaching your goal.

We understand how frustrating it is to feel stuck. To be a logo away from gaining momentum. So we made it our goal to design a professional logo that will be easy for your desired customer to identify and remember.

We have a plan

Over the past ten years, we have carefully crafted and refined a logo design process that delivers results.



A clear target is easier to hit. Together we'll discover exactly how this goal looks like for your logo. Only after a clear understanding of your brand's vision can we propose what it will cost to get there.



Next, we draw a mind map, compile a mood board and sketch a few ideas. This process helps to separate the good ideas from the bad. If the logo is easy enough for a child to draw, it's easy enough to remember.



The three best ideas are redrawn and refined on a computer using a grid system until the form is perfect. Then the logo receives a bit of life with a colour palette. The final step is adding a typeface that complements the context and style of the brand.



When all three options are ready, they advance to the presentation stage. The logo designer will present you with the drafts on a video call and reveal the story behind each option. Then it's up to you to select the one that best aligns with your vision.


Hand Over

Once you're confident in your logo, the logo designer exports and sends it in various formats. The final logo is sent along with a style guide to help you use it correctly.

Knowledge starts with questions

Where are you based?

We are a logo design company in Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. Even though we are based in South Africa, you can hire us as your logo designers wherever you are. Technology today allows us to easily communicate audibly and visually with Platforms like Skype and Teams.


How long does it take to design a logo?

On average it usually takes the logo designer about 5 to 10 working days to produce the 1st presentation that consists of 3 logo design options. Sometimes it may be quicker and other times it may take a bit longer. It also depends on the complexity of the briefing and how fluent the correspondence is.


In what formats do I get the logo?

We design vector logos in CMYK to comply with printing requirements. When the final logo is approved, one of the formats that we export it in is a transparent PNG. Since PNG files are mainly used for screen applications like Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones, the export automatically converts the logo design to RGB. All of our packages include a brand guide that supplies the CMYK, RGB, Pantone, and Hex colour ranges of the logo, along with other important guidelines.


Do you have a logo design package that includes a business card?

Yes, our Giga and Mega Identity design packages includes a business card design, letterhead design and an Email signature design. See our Brand Identity Packages


What if I don't like any of the designs?

We currently average on two rounds. If it were to happen that you feel that none of the 1st 3 logo design options are aligned with your company then we will need you to explain why to determine where the logo designer misunderstood the briefing, or where the briefing misled the logo designer. If the briefing misleads the logo designer, then an overage fee will be charged. Our goal is still to provide you with efficient logo design, so either way, after the wrinkles have been straightened out, we will return to the drawing board for the next presentation of 3 options.


Our pricing structure

Executive Identity

  • Everything in the Business Package
  • + Identity System
  • + 3D Logo
  • + Intro Logo Animation
  • + Brand Strategy

  • Starting FromR 10 000

    Business Identity

  • Everything in the Economy Package
  • + Business Card Design
  • + Whatsapp Business Card
  • + Social Media Cover
  • + Typography System

  • Starting FromR 5000

    Economy Identity

  • Scalable vector logo
  • + Letterhead
  • + Email Signature
  • + Social Media Icon
  • + Style Guide

  • Starting FromR 2500

    Each of our packages includes a FREE Discovery session

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    Business Card Design

    500 x Business Cards - Print Only - Double Sided

    Logo System

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    Last step. Let's get to know each other a little better.

    Just like any good doctor, we need to ask a few questions before we can provide an effective solution.

    Without a logo, your brand is wearing a cloak of invisibility. No matter how good your products or services are. If your customers can't identify or recognise your brand, they will forget about you and go to someone else.

    A memorable and professional logo positions your brand to build a reputation. Knowing that your logo is easy to identify and recognise, you can focus on growing your company.

    What our clients are saying


    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    The Blue Sphynx team is superb and such a pleasure to work with! Ricus guided us throughout our design journey and understood our vision. The talent and professionalism are above expectation. Thank you so much!

    Angelique Hitge

    The Excel and Math Doctor

    Blue Sphynx, you guys are amazing. Excellent design work, with professional quality. Your logos are top-notch. This company is by far the most professional of design companies I have come across recently. Well done! Keep the good work up

    Andries Coetzee

    Robain Solutions

    Ricus and his team are always a pleasure to work with. Service and quality at their best. I will definitely recommend Blue Sphynx for your web hosting, website, logo design to name a few. Always on hand to help sort out any issues!!! Keep up the awesome work:-)

    Himesh Vanmali

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