Build your brand
Build your brand


Transform your dream into your destiny

Doing what you love while making money is living the dream. Change your passion into a remarkable brand that your ideal customer can easily find, trust and remember.

Build your brand
Brand design - entrepreneur has a problem

Challenge Accepted

Building a remarkable brand is a worthy and exciting challenge. Right now, you might not have a brand strategy, a logo or any brand awareness. Without them, you're invisible to your perfect client, and your dream remains a dream.

There is a way

We understand how exciting it is to build a brand that looks, sounds and feels like an authentic brand. To accomplish that, we found that a well-armed brand has these three fletches on their arrow:

Brand Strategy

to help you achieve the long-term success of your brand

Get a brand stategy

Brand Identity

consisting of a memorable logo with a style guide to help you use the logo like a pro

Get a brand identity

Brand Awareness

to help your brand connect and speak to its audience

Get brand awareness

Change your questions into answers

Where are you based?

Fletch is an online branding agency based in Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. Our international clients prove that we are not bound to a specific location. Most of our communication happens on Zoom, email or over Whatsapp to save you time and travel costs. Our entire branding team is fluent in English and Afrikaans.


How long does it take?

Building a trustworthy brand is an ongoing and evolving process. Getting your three fletches can take three working days to six months. It all depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the designs.


How much does it cost?

Every brand has different needs and different challenges to overcome. The pricing brackets range from R375 to R20 000+. It all depends on the scope of work and the challenge at hand. Let us discover how much it will cost for your brand.


How many options do I get?

The logo designer will present three options to choose from and allow three rounds to refine the logo of your choice. Brand strategy is an inclusive process that doesn't require options. For brand awareness, the graphic designer presents one design and allows three rounds to tweak the design. The art direction should already be well defined at this point, so there would be no need for multiple options unless otherwise arranged.


Whatif I dislike the design?

The discovery phase determines the direction that the designers take with your drafts. If you dislike all the drafts, we'll have to go back to the discovery and see where we missed the mark. It's unlikely because our process has been designed and refined over the past ten years to deliver the desired results. Our current average is two rounds, meaning most of our clients are satisfied within the 1st or 2nd round of drafts.


What our clients are saying


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The Blue Sphynx team is superb and such a pleasure to work with! Ricus guided us throughout our design journey and understood our vision. The talent and professionalism are above expectation. Thank you so much!

Angelique Hitge

The Excel and Math Doctor

Blue Sphynx, you guys are amazing. Excellent design work, with professional quality. Your logos are top-notch. This company is by far the most professional of design companies I have come across recently. Well done! Keep the good work up

Andries Coetzee

Robain Solutions

Ricus and his team are always a pleasure to work with. Service and quality at their best. I will definitely recommend Blue Sphynx for your web hosting, website, logo design to name a few. Always on hand to help sort out any issues!!! Keep up the awesome work:-)

Himesh Vanmali

meeting about problem - invisible brand

No more invisibilty

The last thing you want is an invisible brand that is quick to forget. Without a trustworthy brand, you cant build a loyal client base that trusts your products or services enough to tell others about them.

Build your brand

Do what you love

Be the owner of a successful brand that looks, feels and sounds authentic. Attract the perfect target audience that trusts your products and services. Do what you love and fulfil your dreams while making money. Like the fletchings at the back of an arrow, let's guide your brand to make it happen.

Build your brand
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