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Every entrepreneur needs a memorable and professional logo. A unique mark to help their ideal customer identify and recall their brand. Your logo is a symbol of an idea that solves your customer's problem.

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Why get a logo designed

Brand identity

Without a distinctive logo, your brand is hidden. There's no way for your target audience to identify your brand. If they can't identify or remember you, they won't buy from you. And when your brand improves the lives of your audience, it deserves to be remembered.


We know the feeling

To feel invisible and forgotten is dreadful. So, over the past ten years, we crafted and refined a working logo design process. A roadmap to have your very own professional logo that is:

  • distinctive and memorable
  • functional in any size
  • designed for you ideal customer

  • Get your Logo
    Online call - logo design discovery


    Step 1

    A clear target is easier to hit. Together we'll discover exactly how this goal looks like for your logo. Only after a clear understanding of your brand's vision can we propose what it will cost to get there.

    Drawing shapes - logo design planning


    Step 2

    Next, we draw a mind map, compile a mood board and sketch a few ideas. This process helps to separate the good ideas from the bad. If the logo is easy enough for a child to draw, it's easy enough to remember.

    Computer with design - Logo design computer


    Step 3

    The three best ideas are redrawn and refined on a computer using a grid system until the form is perfect. Then the logo receives a bit of life with a colour palette. The final step is adding a typeface that complements the context and style of the brand.

    Online Call - Logo design presentation


    Step 4

    When all three options are ready, they advance to the presentation stage. The logo designer will present you with the drafts on a video call and reveal the story behind each option. Then it's up to you to select the one that best aligns with your vision.

    Why get a logo designed


    Step 5

    Once you're confident in your logo, the logo designer exports and sends it in various formats. The final logo is sent along with a style guide to help you use it correctly.

    Knowledge starts with questions

    How long does it take to design a logo?

    Once payment is received, the logo designer is booked and starts with the second phase. The logo designer takes about 5 to 10 working days to design the first three logo options.


    How many options do I get?

    In the first round, the logo designer creates three equally viable options. You may choose which one of these three options best aligns with your brand's vision. After that, the logo designer can refine the logo for two more rounds. Our current average is two rounds, meaning most logo designs get approval in the first or second round.


    What if I don't like any of the options?

    In the discovery phase, you and the logo designer will establish a clear direction to take your logo. If the logo designer misses the mark, we will determine where we strayed and try again. Rest assured that the design process avoids this scenario.


    In which formats do I get the logo?

    The first file that the logo designer will send is a PDF containing all the versions of your logo. A PDF preserves the vector format allowing you to adjust the logo without losing quality. The second set is all the logo variations with transparent backgrounds. These 1920x1080 PNG files will allow you to use your logo on other images. The third set is for your social media profiles in a 500x500 JPG format. If you need your logo in another file type, be sure to let your logo designer know.


    Where are you based?

    Fletch is a logo design company in Pretoria, South Africa. We have a team of logo designers in Pretoria. However, today's technology allows us to help brands internationally. Our logo designers are fluent in English and Afrikaans.


    Our pricing structure

    Each of our packages includes a FREE Discovery session

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    Executive Identity

  • Everything in the Business Package
  • + Identity System
  • + 3D Logo
  • + Intro Logo Animation
  • + Brand Strategy

  • Starting FromR 10 000

    Business Identity

  • Everything in the Economy Package
  • + Business Card Design
  • + Whatsapp Business Card
  • + Social Media Cover
  • + Typography System

  • Starting FromR 5000

    Economy Identity

  • Scalable vector logo
  • + Letterhead
  • + Email Signature
  • + Social Media Icon
  • + Style Guide

  • Starting FromR 2500

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    What our clients are saying


    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    The Blue Sphynx team is superb and such a pleasure to work with! Ricus guided us throughout our design journey and understood our vision. The talent and professionalism are above expectation. Thank you so much!

    Angelique Hitge

    The Excel and Math Doctor

    Blue Sphynx, you guys are amazing. Excellent design work, with professional quality. Your logos are top-notch. This company is by far the most professional of design companies I have come across recently. Well done! Keep the good work up

    Andries Coetzee

    Robain Solutions

    Ricus and his team are always a pleasure to work with. Service and quality at their best. I will definitely recommend Blue Sphynx for your web hosting, website, logo design to name a few. Always on hand to help sort out any issues!!! Keep up the awesome work:-)

    Himesh Vanmali

    man with invisible face - logo design

    The risks of invisibility

    Without a logo, your brand is wearing a cloak of invisibility. No matter how good your products or services are. If your customers can't identify or recognise your brand, they will forget about you and go to someone else.

    Get your Logo

    The rewards of memorability

    A memorable and professional logo positions your brand to build a strong reputation. When you have a logo that is easy to identify and remember, you make it easier for your ideal customer to buy from you. Build an audience that returns to your brand by making your mark in their memory.

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    Successful meeting - logo design success

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